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What We Can Do for You

CNC Machining*

We have the capability to machine all substrates of raw materials. Lathe capacity up to 3" through the spindle and Milling capacity up to 40" length with 4th and 5th axis options. We welcome small, moderate, and large production runs.

AWS Certified Welding*

Our certified welding program is able to provide welding per the following specifications:


AWS D1.2, 1.3, 1.6 GTAW



Sheet Metal Fabrication*

Sheet Metal fabrication capabilities include laser cutting, waterjet, and plasma. Sheet metal forming and rolling.

Wire Rope, Cord, and Chain Assemblies*

We specialize in wire rope lanyards and custom pin assemblies of all sizes. We have the capability to provide custom welded chain assemblies and cord assemblies as well. Tensile load testing up to 220,000 lbs. is available with certified test reports.

Custom Sewing and Webbing Components*

We can provide custom sewing and webbing products as well as attachments and custom printed flags. CNC sewing envelope up to 6" x 12" with addition manual sewing machines for smaller qty projects. Capability to hot knife cut or cold cut webbing and install grommets and snaps as needed.

Complex assembly and Finishing Solutions*

We offer the benefit of  providing parts fully assembled and finished per the drawings. We partner with multiple finishing companies in the industry and are confident in taking care of the finishing needs for our customers.

Military Packing and Shipping

We pack items to all military specifications as well as arrange shipments to the DLA for our customers, If needed.

Design Support and Consultation

Our design team has extensive knowledge of contract clauses and drawing interpretations. We offer services to help with FAT (First Article Test), understanding requirements, bidding and quoting help with both our vendors and customers.

* Some services are outsourced to qualified sub-contracted vendors . All vendors are vetted and certified as required by our quality management system. GovParts incoming inspection process ensures all quality and compliance requirements of any work performed outside our facility.

"GovParts strives to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers, stakeholders, and end users. Management and team members maintain a strong commitment to safety, continual improvement, regulatory compliance, and employee development though a well-maintained Quality Management System."

GovParts Quality Policy

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