Advanced Bid Calibration (ABC)

Gone are the days of traditional Bid Matching


        If you have been in this industry long enough you have seen or heard of bid matching services. You may even be using one now! They are basic services, computer driven search engines, supposedly matching you up with bids suitable for your company. Most require a hefty fee and bombard your email with hundreds of bids that have nothing to do with your company at all. You can spend hours every morning clicking on links and opening prints and finally at the end of the rainbow, no joy! The part was to big, too small, not in the same realm of industry or worst of all already awarded. At GovParts we found that the new school way to do bid matching, was to go old school! We staffed ourselves with manufacturing engineers and specialist that physically look at all the MTP bids available and classify them for our clients review. This method is extremely popular with our clients and is geared to only show you bids that are 100% producible by your company, based on your needs.

Advanced Bid Calibration

        Adavnced Bid Calibration (ABC) is a refined search service, provided by GovParts. This proprietary method identifies the Make To Print (MTP) bids that best match a company's unique needs and their profile of machinery. The ABC method recognizes the relationship between material, machinery, and capabilities, and through this method of relationships, we can propose a more refined and customized list of open solicitations, in turn saving a considerable amount of time compared to a traditional bid matching service. This service will put more producible and appropriate MTP bids in front of your quoting team.

         The ABC methods takes into account all parameters of the company profile including but not limited to:

  • Certifications held (Higher level Quality, Hub-zone, Woman Owned, etc)

  • Machine capabilities (thru spindle size, chuck size, machine envelopes, etc)

  • Types of parts (Mill only, Lathe only, Water jet, etc)

  • Materials

  • Tolerances

  • Finish requirements

  • Machine Dormancy (Target toward machines with no work)

  • Financial Capabilities

  • Parts with frequent purchases

  • Packaging and shipping requirements

  • Profit margin

  • Quantity

If you are interested in hearing more about ABC method please see the link below

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